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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure your upcoming move goes as smoothly as possible by reading the informative FAQs offered by Iowa Moving 1. Our locally owned moving company wants to make sure all of your property reaches its destination without any problems.

Read Through Our Informative FAQs

Q. How early should I book service?
A. It's important to book your residential or office move with our moving company in advance to secure your ideal moving date. Two to four weeks' notice is preferred; however, we do try and accommodate short-notice moves as well.
Q. How do I reduce the chance of damage?
A. If Iowa Moving 1 is loading your POD, rental truck, or ABF trailer for an out-of-town move, please provide an adequate amount of furniture pads (an estimate is 1.5 to 2 pads for each foot of truck or trailer. For example, a 17 ft. truck would need 26 to 34 pads).
This is a rough estimate and you may need more or less pads depending on the amount of wooden and fragile items. Pads can be purchased for long distance moves or rented for local moves.
Tie-down straps (ratchet tie-downs) are also needed to help avoid load-shifting during transit, and can be purchased from us. All of these things are important to help minimize potential damage.
Other protective items to consider are wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, picture and mirror boxes, electronics boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and packing paper.
Q. Do I need to empty clothes from dresser drawers?
A. Yes, please remove clothing and other items from dresser drawers before the movers arrive. This will allow for a safer move.
Q. Should I tip my movers? How much should I tip?
A. Tips are common and appreciated by your movers. If the movers do a good job, feel free to reward them with a tip. Movers provide a service much like waiters, cab drivers, and others who commonly get tips for good service.  
Tips should be paid separately from the regular bill and given directly to the individual movers. An average tip is typically $7 to $10 per hour worked for each mover.

Other Important Information About Our Moving Services

  • Items we won't move include baby grand or grand pianos, hot tubs, safes heavier than 550 pounds, flammable items and hazardous materials.
  • We don't move pianos or safes up or down flights of stairs.
  • Disassembly of treadmills and other large items prior to mover arrival makes the move more efficient and reduces the risk of damage to your house and items. Our movers don't provide assembly or disassembly of exercise equipment.
  • We don't disconnect or set up appliances due to liability and insurance reasons. Please have your appliances disconnected prior to our arrival.
  • Try to keep boxes to 50 lbs. or less and always lift with your legs to avoid back injury. Tape the bottoms and tops of boxes 2 or 3 times to make certain they'll hold your belongings.
  • Important documents and possessions such as wills, deeds, jewelry, photos, and home videos are impossible to replace. It's wise to put these and other important belongings in a safety deposit box while you move.
  • Remember to contact your local post office to fill out forwarding address forms. Leave a small welcome card with your forwarding address for the people moving into your old home in case any additional pieces of your mail need to be redirected.
  • Reserve ample parking for the rental truck if possible. In the winter, be sure to clear your parking areas and walkways of snow and ice.
  • Please keep all your valuables with you. Medications, guns, cash, and jewelry are NOT the movers' responsibilities.
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